Residential complex "Pasichny"

Location: Pasichna Street, 173, 175, Lviv, Ukraine

Architecture: Archimatika; ABMK

Total area: 21,825 m2

Start of design: 2016

Completion of construction: 2019

Photo: Marina Grynykha © 2021

The Pasichny residential area consists of many sections, each of which is unique. Photographing of the residential complex was carried out at different times and days. At the same time, I noticed a very pleasant moment - in the courtyard of the LCD life is constantly bustling, there are always many children and residents of the house. They appear here with the first rays of the sun and until late in the evening the yard is filled with loud voices of children. Yard without a car, barrier-free space, glass doors in the hallways, wide sidewalks, and modern playgrounds - create a comfortable and safe environment of the residential complex and leave only pleasant impressions.