Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Photo: Marina Grynykha © 2019

My dad was a great engineer and was always constructing and creating something. At least for the first 12 years of my life, we were a team and spent a lot of time in the aesthetics of raw metal, concrete, brick, and wood. Where rust and corrosion are not a synthetic aging effect and the machine and equipment parts are not just interior decoration. It was a sort of loft space for creative ideas, lively communication, research, and experiments called "garage cooperative." I constantly use this experience because knowledge in engineering, understanding the principles of node operation, driving and diagnosing cars, is very useful in life. And today, working with architecture and interiors, I clearly understand why I love Industrial style and Loft so much.

I think my love for tools and mechanisms also originated in my dad's garage, so I get a kick out of managing any complex engineering and continuously expanding my toolkit throughout my life. Now I don't often visit garages, and when, suddenly, I looked into a friend's garage, there was a strong desire to capture the familiar atmosphere, where everything has its logic and order. My hand reached for the camera, and with one light source, several compositions were made that evoke a feeling of being lost in time for me.