Residential Complex
"Villa Magnolia Spring"

Location: St. Mykola Pymonenko 20 , Lviv

Architecture: Belyaev Design Workshop; ABMK

Start of construction: 2019

Completion of construction: 2022

Total area: 9,748 m2

Photo: Marina Grynykha © 2022

Cool format of the residential complex! The scale of low-rise buildings, in my opinion, is very friendly to people and promotes comfort, coziness, and peace. The residential complex "Villa Magnolia Spring" is just beginning its life. They are still completing repairs and arranging patio areas near the apartments. But the yard without cars, beautiful landscape design, a lot of different landscaping, garden furniture, and a high-quality modern playground already allow you to spend time pleasantly in the public space near the residential complex. And in wartime conditions, underground parking is also a great advantage for residents of the residential complex "Villa Magnolia Spring" in terms of security.