Audi Center Lviv on Lypynskoho

Location: Lypynskoho Street, 54D, Lviv, Ukraine

Architecture: ABMK

Total area: 2,424 m2

Start of design: 2012

Start of construction: 2013

Completion of construction: 2014

Photo: Marina Grynykha © 2021

Huge traffic of public and private transport, a lot of outdoor advertising, electric poles, etc. - created enough obstacles to take pictures of the Audi car center on Lypynskoho in Lviv. But the architecture of the salon attracts the eye! First of all, thanks to the special decision of facades. Also, the interior of the showroom attracts a very beautiful and unusual geometry of the balcony on the second floor. Curved shapes create a special feeling of space, give a beautiful light and shadow pattern and an interesting perspective in the frame.