Aria Motors - BMW dealer

Location: 306 Horodotska Street, Lviv, Ukraine

Architecture: ABMK

Total area: 2,424 m2

Start of design: 2016

Start of construction: 2017

Completion of construction: 2018

Photo: Marina Grynykha © 2021

Preparations for the architectural photography of the BMW showroom from Aria-Motors - the official dealer of the brand in the region, as well as the photoshoot itself, were highly organized. Everything happened like in an expensive clockwork - professionally, smoothly, quickly and at the same time not noticeable. This is the case when the premium of the brand is felt in every detail and quite captivates, even me - an inveterate fan of Toyota. The weather was generous with beautiful light and a beautiful pictures of the clouds, so this photoshoot left only pleasant impressions and memories.