Head office T.B. Fruit

Location: Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine

Architecture: ABMK

Total area: 4,729 m2

Start of design: 2013

Start of construction: 2014

Completion of construction: 2019

Photo: Marina Grynykha © 2021

The head office of the international group of companies "T.B. Fruit is a leader in the Ukrainian market and a leading producer of concentrated juices in Europe. The office is located on the territory of one of the seven fruit and vegetable processing plants. The outstanding architectural form of the building and the beautiful landscaping of the public space with interesting well-groomed landscaping create a special atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. The interior of the building is also interesting and leaves an unforgettable impression thanks to the special shape of the atrium with a lantern in the ceiling, panoramic elevator and rich stone decoration in the interiors.