About me

архитектурный фотограф, фотограф интеръеров - Марина Грыныха

Hi, I'm Marina - a professional photographer. I specialize in architectural, interior, landscape and industrial photography. I have been creating high-quality visual content for almost 20 years. Extensive experience in design and photography in cooperation with global companies and a fleet of specialized photographic equipment can guarantee a reliable result and high quality photos. Certified education in subject and advertising photography and long experience in this area, allow me to understand very well the nuances of lighting, transfer of textures and photography of glass surfaces. Architectural photography did not become a sudden professional choice for me, but rather it is a logical continuation of my relationship with geometry, architecture, construction and design throughout my life. Architecture is an unconditional passion! Her understanding and sense of nuances, allows you to convey in photos the ideas of architects and designers, to support the style of the project. Of course, it is important to display the space well and correctly and convey the technical nuances. But emotions are no less important to me. In my work I try to approach interior and architectural photography as an art and create beauty in every frame. Create an atmosphere that should not leave the viewer without emotions. It is emotions that make the shots and architecture memorable. My priorities: quality, reliability, customer reputation and personal. Call or email me. I will be glad to meet you and the opportunity to realize your plans!